I was born in 1955  in a little village called  Nieuwer Ter Aa in the Netherlands,  yes I’m Dutch   and was brought up as a farmers son.


From 1973 till 1993 I joined the Royal Dutch Marines for 20 years.  I did the Marines Basic Training and  in 1979 I completed with success the Commando Course in Belgium as well.  In 1979  I accomplished a special training by GSG-9 in Germany.  Also in 1983 I took a Jungle Warfare training in Brunei with the British Royal Marines / SAS. In 1984 the course Heli Marshaller.  In the meantime  I did the Militair Paratrooper training.  I’m holder of  four militair parawings;  Dutch militair A & B,  Belgium militair  and  silver wing US Special Force. In 1986 the course IED CounterOperator  (Improvised Explosive Device).  In 1987 till 1990  I took  Mountain and Snow Warfare training in Scotland/Wales and Norway.  In 1991 Toured in Irak.

Dutch Marine Veteran Willem bbekorpsmariniers5bi

From 1993 till 2005, I served 12 years as Policeman in the town of Breukelen.

From 1994 till 2003, I was an Instructor by the  Jerry Adventure Team,  my speciality was with the outdoor team:  Mountaineering,  Map/Compass work-out,  Camp Routine  and  Safety man.

From 2002 till 2005, President of the War Veterans Association Breukelen.

Puerto-Rico: In 2005, I moved out from Holland and became a resident of Puerto-Rico. I’m very happy and have a good life together with my wife Lucy here on the Island.                

                     Century 21 HAM Radio

HAMRADIO: In 2002,  I got the Dutch Novice license with the call sign PD3UX and also in 2002 in Puerto-Rico the Technician license with the call sign WP3UX.  In 2007,  I up-graded to General.


Mijn Sport hoogte punten: In bezit van  drie   Elfstedenkruisjes  (1985, 1986 en 1997).   En in 1985 Nederlands kampioen 24 uur Marathon hardlopen in Apeldoorn.  Vierdaagse van Nijmegen,  2 maal  (1980 en 1981).      


My Genealogical Family Winkel tree / Mijn Familie Winkel Stamboom